Tisserand Mulled Wine Essential Oil 9ml

Tisserand Winter Warming Oil is an uplifting, stimulating scent that’s perfect for cold winter days. Use with a burner to fill your home with a fragrance to melt away winter blues.

Tisserand Winter Warming Oil is the perfect antidote to dark winter days. As nights get longer and days get colder indulge your senses with Winter Warming Vaporising Oil.Hand-blended using 100% natural quality essential oils, this unique therapeutic blend contains stimulating Eucalyptus, Pine and uplifting Rosemary.




Tisserand Mulled Wine Diffuser Oil is a relaxed, nostalgic scent that will help get you into the festive spirit this Christmas Season. Relax, rewind and calm your mind and body. Packaged in festive Christmas Wrapping, Tisserand Mulled Wine Diffuser Oil is the perfect stocking filler for any Christmas obsessed loved one.

Why you need it:
Tisserand Mulled Wine Diffuser Oil lets you delve into the Christmas spirit, filing your home with aromatic goodness. Perfect for Diffusing around your house to relax your mind and get you into the Christmas mood, as spices and sweetness create Christmas Bliss. Gift the smell of Christmas this year with the Mulled Wine Diffuser Oil.

How to use:
Add 6 to 8 drops of Diffuser oil to a burner, aroma spa or diffuser, bringing the Christmas spirit to life.


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