Trilogy Three Step Brightening Routine

Trilogy limited edition Three Step Brightening Routine is the ultimate glow boosting holiday skin regime set designed brighten, nourish and hydrate for beautifully radiant complexions.




Trilogy Three Step Brightening Routine lets you say goodbye to dull, tired skin, and hello to brighter, happier skin. Satisfy your skin and add this Three Step Brightening Routine into your skincare regime.

Why you need it:
Trilogy Three Step Brightening Routine is what your skin needs this Christmas. A gift full of bestsellers, give skin the hydration, brightening boost it needs. This Premium collection is ideal for Vitamin C fans, as well as a great introduction for Vit C Newbies!
Trilogy Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner is a nourishing, refreshing skin boost, to balance complexion and deliver instant moisture to thirsty skin. Vitamin C works to improve skin’s appearance, leaving it shining brighter and looking refreshed.
Trilogy Vitamin C Booster Treatment is a powerful 2-week treatment helping bring dull skin back to life, with a ‘lit from within’ type of look. Containing 6% high-potency natural vitamin C, and hyaluronic concentrate, skin will be brighter and smoother, with added daisy extract and rosehip oil for extra nourishment and illumination.
Trilogy Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion is suitable for all skin types to give everyone that extra dazzling, even toned skin. Banish dullness with antioxidant rich vitamin C, rosehip oil, mandarin oil and daisy extract, all working together to illuminate, hydrate and brighten the skin. The ideal daytime moisturizer, Trilogy Vitamin C Moisturizing Lotion wears brilliantly under makeup.

What’s Included:
Trilogy Vitamin C Energising Mist Toner 20 ml
Trilogy Full Size Vitamin C Booster Treatment 15 ml
Trilogy Vitamin C Moisturising Lotion 20m ml


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